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As a requirement of obtaining a driver’s license in North Carolina, a Certification of liability insurance coverage must be submitted on DMV Form DL-123, or an original liability insurance policy, binder or an insurance card and must come from an insurance company licensed to do business in North Carolina.

In addition to the state required liability coverage, your financial institution may require “full” coverage, which includes comprehensive and collision insurance, if you obtained a loan to purchase the vehicle.

One of our many Personal Lines insurance agents can provide you detailed information on the coverages mentioned above as well as explaining terms such as “deductible”, “under-insured”, “loss of use” and so on.

If you would like a quote comparing the cost of coverage between the many companies that we represent, our agents can provide that to you confidentially within a matter of minutes if they have information about you, your vehicles and your driving record.

Call, click or stop by today to get started on your auto insurance education.


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